"If you ‘re not Healthy, you’re not Happy" Fitness is the most important thing in our life.___ Fitness is the condition of being physically Fit & Healthy.

IN DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY we are a Team of Professionals whose purpose is to train your Body and Mind to reach the heights of Fitness, Endurance, Expertise and Excellence. We focus on health, wellness, discipline, self-confidence and determination. Our goal is to not only to help you achieve your fitness goals, but to help you learn Self-Defence techniques. We believe that anyone, regardless of age, gender or vocation can learn the Self-Defence Techniques that we have developed.

DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY is one-of-a-kind institute in Faridabad that provide Beginner to Expert level training on a wide variety of Martial Arts and Physical Fitness Disciplines ; KICK-BOXING, KARATE-DO, VOVINAM VIET-VO-DAO, WUSHU, AERO KICK-BOXING & YOGA.

We have 50 plus National Medalist in different kind of Martial Arts. We are the unbeaten District Champion in Faridabad since 2010.

We have a specially designed Self-Defence program for Girls/Women. From school going girls, house wives or working girls/women anyone can learn a set of Self-Defence Techniques specially developed by our professionals. These Techniques are developed from different kind of martial arts i.e. Karate-Do, Kick-Boxing, Vovinam, Tae-Kwan-Do, Wushu, Muay Thai, Vovinam, Tae-kwan-Do etc.

We are focused and dedicated to encouraging you to achieve all of your goals while training at DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY.